Windows updating every day

The defer upgrades option is great, if you only want to opt out of feature upgrades. However, after the grace period, the deferred upgrades will be deployed automatically.

This option is not available to users of the Home edition.

If at all possible, upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Home users are missing several subtle features.

To determine for how long the upgrades will be deferred, you’ll have to head into the Group Policy Editor (see above). You should only ever defer (security) updates, when you can’t risk Patch Tuesday to interrupt or jeopardize an important project.You can only apply the setting while you are connected to the respective wireless network.Head to Settings Note: While you’re on a metered connection, Windows Update won’t download any updates, including security patches!Otherwise, you could find Windows caught in what might appear to be an infinite update cycle as you return from your lunch break.Users who are running the Windows 10 Insider Preview or the upcoming Anniversary Update Change active hours. As a last resort, here’s the one method that will really turn off updates, either completely or until you reboot your computer. Go to Start, type Administrative Tools, and open the matching result. Below Service status, click Stop to shut down Windows Update until you reboot.

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