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The generally accepted explanation is that the letters were slipped in by a special effects group (to form the abbreviation and told his mother (or aunt) about it.(How a mere 4-year-old could both spell and understand the significance of the word “sex” remains unexplained.They prevent pregnancy, but like human skin, they’re porous. Lubrication, or lube, is a thin coating of liquid on the condom.It can prevent pain and irritation during sex, and it can help keep the condom from breaking.One can stick to the other and pull it out of place or tear it. Plastic condoms can protect you from STDs, such as HIV, herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, during any kind of sex -- vaginal, oral, and anal.It's a fitted, thin plastic cover that a man wears on his penis during sex. “Natural” or “lambskin” condoms are made of material that comes from lamb intestines.

Make sure you use a water-based product that’s meant for sex.When you use both together, you can lower the risk of pregnancy, but the amount of spermicide that comes with a condom is probably not enough to make a difference.If you want the extra protection, consider getting a separate sperm-killing product. Another common spermicide, nonoxynol-9, can irritate the genitals, which may increase the risk of HIV.That number rises to 18 out of every 100 women when their partners don’t use the condom correctly every time.Condoms also greatly lower the risk that one person will pass an STD to the other. For example, condoms are almost 100% effective at protecting against HIV.

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