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It works the same way for any other fraction of a payment period.

A banker's year is 12 months, each of which contains 30 days.

The fraction of a year between two dates, calculated using the appropriate day count convention (e.g., 30/360 or actual/actual).

The day count fraction will vary slightly depending on the day count method used.

If the settlement date is before the dated date, then the purchaser will pay the issuer the accrued interest for that amount of time.

Of course, the purchaser will get a full coupon payment on the first coupon date, so the purchaser will get the accrued interest back at that time.

This is often the same as the issue date, but not always.The present value is determined by adding a pre-specified premium (usually 15 to 50 basis points) to the yield on a comparable Treasury security.The date on which the bond ceases to earn interest.In Excel bond functions, 0 signifies 30/360, 1 specifies actual/actual, 2 is actual/360, 3 is actual/365 (which ignores leap days), and 4 represents the European 30/360 methodology.The legal contract between a bond issuer and the bondholders.

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