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A "visible" option on items would require the timeline to be redrawn if changed.

You suggest adding links for editing the Data View, so that the team member who places the order can immediately update the record for the item.For example, there is nothing to prevent you from entering and saving text in a field that should contain numbers, such as Units On Order.However, if your data source is a database or a Share Point list or library, it is possible when you create the database, list, or library to specify the types of values that individual fields can contain.It cannot know however when to update in case of a filter function of which the output depends on some external variable (in your case the value of a checkbox).In that case, you will have to call But for the Data View-options object that luckily doesn't seem to be the case.

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Regards, Alex Just noticed this is somewhat similar to #531 I did get Data View working with Timeline but I'm not sure if my "fix" is safe We are using the Data Set "update" method to do the updates, the Data View gets the event and updates itself and I had to patch "Item Set.prototype._update Item" to make it work as expected with the Timeline (it throws an exception without the patch) Hi, Over the last year a lot of feature requests have been made.

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