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By my due date I had moved back in with my parents and so had he and they both live in the same street!

My mum was terrified he would catch wind of the fact I had gone into hospital and turn up,she was practically putting a blanket over my head to get me out to the car. u need to be comfortable and stres free for the babies sake and if that means not allowing him there then thats what u need to do.

I was also pregnant and didnt let my ex attend the birth,the cheek of them expecting to when they behave like this!

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I am looking for some advice about getting my belongings back from my EX. I left him after he assaulted me, the police were involved and he was arrested.

i feel for your situation although havnt been through anything similiar is he blackmailing you with getting your belongings back providing you let him be at the birth?

if it was me id be tempted to say you were allowing him, and ask him to start bringing your stuff back to you or allowing you to come and get it back, then just not call him when you go into labour....i know its not the adult thing to do but if it means you getting your things back..... My Ex has on numerous occasions even said to me he doesn't think the baby is his, and then still wants to be at the birth!

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He was and still is very bitter towards me for not letting him have contact with my son for the 3 months while we were effectively homeless.

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