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Some notable passengers went on to do great things, such as, “Dr.Alex Margulies, who became a distinguished radiologist and contributed to Cat scan and MRI technology; Rolf Manfred, instrumental in developing the Minuteman missile and Polaris submarine; Leon Levitch who became a composer; and Dr.This image, taken by the photographer and writer, Ruth Gruber, depicts a group of Holocaust survivors attempting to enter the United States on a ship called the Henry Gibbins that was being hunted by the Nazis.These were the only refugees to be sheltered by the United States throughout the war.It depicts Jews in hiding during Passover in Poland, baking matzos, their faces alight and happy.As we’re leaving Passover now, may we be strengthened by their resolve. This incredible image depicts Jews, not in hiding, but within an transit camp in Holland lighting a Menorah on Hanukkah.

Taken in Rishon Lezion, Israel, this image depicts two Holocaust survivors at their wedding.

Read more about this special rabbi in this obituary in the New York Times.

This once in a lifetime image depicts Holocaust survivors at the moment of realizing they are liberated.

The bride (center), is named Chana Keller, and she survived a 800 km (500 mile) death march.

I can’t even image the happiness being depicted in this picture.

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It’s hard to know just what is happening in this photo or what happened afterwards, but it starkly depicts another side of the liberation of the Jews.

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