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Using sex to escape life, to numb pain, or to relieve stress without caring with whom or how one is engaging in sexual activity are clear signs of an addiction, and not just an active sex drive.Oftentimes sex addicts are not finding intimacy or acceptance and therefore seek this "intimacy" in the form of multiple sexual partners or experiences.Now more than ever, our society seems preoccupied with sex. Whether we’re talking about television, popular music or movies, sexual images and innuendo are everywhere.And access to pornography is as easy as a click of a mouse for the over 40 million people who log into porn websites.We take a look at the complicated world of children sexting with Haleigh Harrold, Education and outreach specialists for the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault and officer Tom Hayselden, a School Resource Officer for the Shawnee Mission school district.A first aid kit is helpful when you cut yourself or get a burn and if someone stops breathing, you can administer CPR.The sex addicts try to overcome their intimacy deficiency with fake intimacy, for example, sleeping with multiple partners or logging on to pornographic sites, which only causes more pain and stress.

Sex addiction, like any other addiction, is something that the addicts, and their loved ones, will have to deal with for their lifetime.Many people find peer support a helpful tool that can aid in their recovery.There are a variety of organizations that offer support groups for consumers, their family members and friends.While an addict can be sober for a long period of time, they can still be tempted to give in to their addiction by certain triggers. Group sex addiction therapy and professional therapy can help these addicts to address the causes and effects of their addiction and make a plan to stop engaging in this risky and damaging behavior.Guests: It’s been less than 20 years since cell phones became ubiquitous and children of the 90s have never known a world without them.

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In order for the relationship to survive, Steffens says honesty, openness, and trust must be reestablished-- a process that can take some time.

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