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He's intent on going out so she decides to do some paperwork in the factory and then consult with Michelle about wedding things because nothing is going to stop her becoming Mrs. He said Jason gave him a chance when nobody else would and he doesn't forget things like that.

She and Yasmeen trade insults about their respective gardens with Sally explaining that Tim will be attending to her shrubbery later. Yasmeen informs Sharif they're going to christen the garden with a barbeque.She tells Nick that she was really touched to be accepted. She cuddles up to him and tells him she couldn't be happier. Liz finds Michelle still at Carla's wedding planning.Liz suggests she and Steve do something together but is told there's too much to do for the wedding.Sophie and Kevin have bought breakfast at the cafe.He tells her she doesn't have to come in to work if she doesn't want to but she's not of a mind to skive off.

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