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Through a series of hideous flashbacks, I remember raising my wine glass and hollaring ‘A TOAST TO TEDDIE!

But years later – remember – we watched the video of that play? I thought, what a fantastic story to tell our children. The summer before I started university, you came to the restaurant where I worked. That night, you stopped by my parents’ before you left for a week. “I need time, Harvey.” “Then I’ll wait.” You rose and kissed me. “Harvey,” I said, under the pressure of your lips as you tried to remove my shirt. The girl who shot daggers at me the night you brought me to see your claustrophobic dorm. “God, I’d never have sex here.” Signalling an open door for Jane.

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We leaned – as though to kiss – but were interrupted by your “conscience.” Actually, it was *Drew, wearing a halo made from silver Christmas garland. You arranged for *Lynn to deliver a single hot pink rose.

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