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The road passes along the noted Blue Hill, on the top of which for- merly was located Hotel Shikellimy, which was burned July 1, 1895. On one of the rocks extending over the driveway can be seen a natural pro- file of Shikellimy, the old Indian chief, who sauntered along this mountain for many years, while just across the river at Sunbury is the noted Fort Augusta. We trust it may be the means of preserving many items of history that otherwise might have been lost. '■; V \ SNYDER COUNTY SOLDIERS' MONUMENT (Erected 1905 by The County Commissioners;) The G. The Commissioners dis- regarded the wishes of the soldiers, ordered the shaft and paid 00 out of the County Treasury for it. Middleburg retained the county seat, and remains the county seat at the present time. The court house and county jail were built during 18, and Dec. On the north-west corner of Mark- et and Sugar streets in the main part of the town stands a large three story store building and dwell- ing of W. The bank lot on the opposite corn- er was sold in 1893 for 00. The Main Highways We give below a few of the im- portant historical points along the main highways of Snyder County: Northumberland To Selinsgrove Beginning at the east end of the Northumberland bridge, spanning the west branch of the Susquehanna river, the road leading south to Se- linsgrove passes through historic ter- ritory. SNYDER COUNTY ANNALS VOLUME ONE A Collection of All Kinds of Historical Items Affecting Snyder County From The Settlement of The First Pioneers in This Section, to The Names of The Soldiers In The World War, 1917-19 Compiled by GEO. • The arrangement of the material is any thing but orderly, — it is a collection of valuable Snyder County history, thrown into the book, where it was most convenient. The writer saw so much valuable history that should be pre- served in book form, and the pamphlets seemed to supply only a temporary need, that he concluded that the work should be continued until there were sufficient pages to bind in stiff covers for permanent use.

1919 i e 3 PREFACE In presenting to the public this first volume of Snyder County Annals, Volume No. Beginning in 1915, we issued the first 32 pages of this book, and gave it as a premium with the POST.

Selinsgrove As early as 1755 settlers began to locate at this place. 15, 1755 that the settlers were at- tacked by the Indians, and all of them, twenty-five in number, were killed or carried away.

The town was laid out by Anthony Selin, for whom it was named.

Winey Published by The Middleburgh Post Middleburgh, Pa.

To us it was the choice of doing it this way or not at all, and we chose this method, rather than not do it at all. Snyder county was erected in 1855, having been taken from the south- ern half of Union County. The Act of the Legislature divid- ing Union County was approved May 5, 1855.

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The Middle Creek Valley comprises the fertile farms lying between the Jacks and Shade Mountains.

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