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The Chinese artist Song Dong graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Capital Normal University. Song Dong works with performance, video, photography and installations.He explores questions about the Chinese society and its rapid transformation these years.Routes 2 Communities is especially develped for courses in visual arts, languages, media or social studies.With a point of departure in five works of contemporary art from the festival’s curated program in public space in 2012, Routes 2 Communities engages students in investigations of and debates about the social communities and groups around us.Hito Steyerl has made her mark on the international art scene as one of the sharpest observers and innovators in the documentary genre.In her critical perspective on documentary, the only objective truth appears to be the lack of information.Routes 2 Communities is supported by the Pools and Lottery Funds of The Ministry of Children and Education.Klas Eriksson lives and works in Stockholm and Berlin. A central aspect of his works is mass culture and how it influences our perception of power, authenticity and artistic expression.

The artist finds his inspiration in Taoist philosophy, where not leaving visible traces behind you is a way to keep attention focused on the present.

Webpage Watch video interview with Klas Eriksson at: Vimeo Youtube On the ocassion of Copenhagen Art Festival Overgaden presents a solo exhibition by the german artist Hito Steyerl.

Using video, sculpture and archival material, the work gives form to a dramatic event that took place in 1993 during the war in Bosnia, when a paramilitary unit abducted 20 people from a train.

His works expresses his thinking on philosophical issues in a plain form.

Song Dong has made several solo shows for instance at UCCA in Beijing - Wisdom of the Poor from 2005- 2011 and Waste Not at Mo MA, New York in 2009.

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