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She told Nana Qwame Larbi of Hitz FM, that, “the whole initiative is to help ladies free themselves from infections which most ladies suffer as a result of wearing panties. I also want to impact this same practice onto others.I can't preach about going ‘pantyless’ and contradict myself by wearing them.

When he died, his family kicked her out of their matrimonial home.

But speaking to Nana Qwame Larbi of Hitz FM, she condemned Baby's initiative stating that she does not really understand the health implications of what she is urging women to do. Does she know the health implications of what she is saying?

In most parts of the world, becoming a widow elicits sympathy.

These vary, but some women report having to spend nights alone with their dead husband’s corpse, and even drinking a soup made of his fingernails and hair.

Fighting this tradition has become the work of Joyce Akumaa Dongotey-Padi.

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There are some strange widowhood rites here in Ghana that are not healthy.

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