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Head to read more about this company, and get tickets.If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.Whether you agree with Jayda Fransen is of no import. Putting up with being offended is essential in a pluralistic society in which people differ on basic truths.If a group will not bear being offended without resorting to violence, that group will rule unopposed while everyone else lives in fear, while other groups curtail their activities to appease the violent group.Britain’s way of dealing with disability is just to try and pretend its not happening. Sure we televised the paralympics, and we had the show The Undateables….and that’s a positive step forward I supppose, but it’s still making the disability factor the centre of the matter.This results in the violent group being able to tyrannize the others.Islamic law forbids criticism of Islam, Quran, Muhammad.

I hope that one day when I’m attending a gig, or doing a gig even, that I look out into the crowd and see a proper representation of the world I live in.It really looks like a spoof, just the most offensive one you could imagine, and we're not the only ones who think so, as the trailer has got a whole load of people very angry on Twitter, and rightly so."Hollywood continues to make movies that are terrible ideas, and a 9/11 movie starring Charlie Sheen has to be the worst one yet," one person wrote, with another adding that the movie is "Extremely Tasteless and Incredibly Unnecessary".In the last month, I’ve kept a tally on my phone of the amount of visibly physically disabled people I’ve seen out and about in bars, cafes, tube stations, restaurants, clubs and gigs. We don’t get that opportunity to see, they are just people.If speech that offends a group is outlawed, that group has absolute power, and a free society is destroyed.A group that cannot be criticized cannot be opposed.

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If they cannot be criticized in the US, we are in effect accepting Islamic law as overriding the freedom of speech.

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