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And that was just the ORIGINAL version, since then it has been updated with even more great information.

The book includes chapters on understanding women, learning what works with women, how to develop an irresistible personality to women, how to use humor and communication to attract them, great tips on body language, basics on style and class and how to fascinate women, where to meet them, dating ideas and behavior and how to get her to come to your place, AMAZING tips for getting physical once alone with her, and finally ways to keep her in a relationship.

David De Angelo said that his purpose is to seek out new paradigms and continually evolve into the next level. Don’t just work to survive, crack the code for the future. The 3 inner resources are: By learning this, you’ll be able to thrive in any environment.

There is enough paradigms to keep evolving for the rest of your life and more. Another aha moment is I realised that how you behave is how your business behaves. It’s better and healthier to be in a relationship with both sides are independent with the same interest and both have boundaries. Use ethics at a certain environment Don’t compare to others only to yourself. Think about your ideal success picture with women, now think how far you are and how lame you are.

There was some advice in the book that amounted to getting a woman to see your place first but don’t push her to stay, but instead get her out quickly, thus showing a lack of neediness or appearance of trying to seduce her.

So when I talked to her and noticed she was trying unsuccessfully to reach the person she was staying with by phone, I offered her to drop off all her luggage in my hotel and grab a drink or dinner in the meantime.

There were so many earth-shattering concepts in it that I was pretty much literally blown away at the time.

If you’re looking for attraction tips, try his Double Your Dating course and 77 Laws of Dating. Suffering is burning your emotional energy on things you can’t control.

After having run this site for over 10 years and seeing/collecting all kinds of strategies and tidbits of knowledge, I'd been looking for a way to put all my own knowledge together into a cohesive structure.

What I'd seen with a lot of the pickup and seduction knowledge out there is a large amount of useful material but trying to piece everything together into a concise format for myself has been daunting.

David had put together a systematic and easy-to-follow structure for any man to be able to implement.

And the beauty of his book is that it can be used as either a starting point or enhancement guide for any other techniques and tactics you may already be using successfully.

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David has alro recently updated his book to contain a lot more info and is even more helpful than before.

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