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Licensed for 22 years, Marlu provides mindful psychotherapy to help people move through pain to self-love by assisting them in healing their emotional wounds while providing tools for self-help.

Her traumatic divorce led to training as a Child Custody Evaluator with sharp insight into family issues, reunification of fractured relationships and therapeutic visitation monitoring.

It's only pm on a Saturday, but the place is packed with bachelorettes, birthday parties, tiaras and broken dreams.

I'm sure you've heard of dating coaches, like the title character of "Hitch," starring Will Smith and Kevin James, or like that TV show "The Pickup Artist." Dr. He studied Neil Strauss, the author of "The Game," and added his own experience.

Back at the table, I meet Annie, D's girlfriend, who works as a porn star and his wing woman.

While this may seem a little unorthodox, D explained to me he prefers working with porn stars over models because his clients can “ask them anything.

D seems to be a fan of threesomes and open relationships -- he and his girlfriend were talking about the crazy threesome they'd had the night before without a hint of jealousy.“They talk about sex like most couples talk about getting the mail,” observed D's client.

It is a brain exercise system that helps you change by creating a more functional and stable brain state, reducing anxiety and depression, PTSD, migraines, artistic blocks, and ADHD.It enhances focus, clarity, memory, and improves relationships.I work with the entertainment industry, schools, trauma survivors, and I teach psychology and creative process at Antioch University.After working for other dating companies, D found that most dating coaches are “con artists,” and he's one of the few who's actually a licensed doctor.His website tells his story on a page peppered with #TBTs of a young Donald posing by girls with blurred faces and captions like, “clueless at 22” and “total dork.”He writes that he used to live in “khaki pant and collared shirt hell” until he realized he “sucked beyond belief with women.” Next to this is a picture of him slimmer, rocking a fauxhawk, cuffed pants and boots. “But I don't let my clients drink, until the end of the night. D looks exactly how you'd expect a dating coach to look.

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We're constantly being told from the guys we like they're “not in a good place right now.” What does that even mean?

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