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First Things First (FTF) is a non-profit organization that provides healthy relationship skills through classes, events and multimedia outlets.We aim to be a community resource for the Chattanooga area and beyond by providing the most up-to-date research, content and educational experiences to all.Based on their time together, Jennie thought that Kevin was committed to her for life.They enjoyed each other’s company and seemed to have a lot in common.

For example, your boyfriend tells you he is going to call at 5 p.m.and he calls at exactly 5 p.m., in your mind you think, ‘He did what he said he was going to do, therefore I can trust him.’ With that you begin to fill in the gaps in the trust equation that the person is trustworthy to do what they said they would do.” After three months of dating, Jennie felt like she could trust Kevin. “He didn’t try anything, which really impressed me because most guys try to make a move on you the first time you go out. It seemed like the ‘adult’ thing to do if we were considering marriage, which we had talked about several times.”Dr.Van Epp cautions that you must be careful not to over-exaggerate what a person has done and draw the conclusion that the person is trustworthy. Just because a person has certain characteristics that you like does not mean that they are trustworthy.“I come from a very large extended family,” says Jennie. I honestly thought that after Kevin met my family he would change and would love the closeness of a tight-knit family.” “Some people have an established friendship before they start dating,” Van Epp says.“Other relationships start out with a bang – you see someone, talk with them, end up going out and hitting it off and you are totally infatuated with them.

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Sex is part of it, but not a major portion of it.”Commitment is the fourth dynamic.

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