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I’ve seen almost every episode since it premiered in 2012 and I have to say I am a fan.I appreciate the mounting controversy surrounding the show, particularly within the disabled community, although I disagree with much of the negative criticism.But to conclude that this is a form of ‘inspiration porn’ is in my opinion, vastly overstretching the mark.I take issue with the term ‘inspiration porn’, particularly in relation to .I also disagree with the criticism that the show is ‘inspiration porn’.Yes you may hear the occasional ‘bless them’, ‘aw how sweet’ and ‘good for them’ from able-bodied viewers – how very dare they indeed.As James with Asperger’s says, the show is successfully removing stigma and raising awareness.I do appreciate the criticism but for those who watch it with an open mind, I believe you will find it to be well meaning, sincere and sympathetic.

It’s an entertaining show [but] we all just want to find someone who loves us for us.” The program has been invaluable and life changing for many, leading to long term relationships, marriage and babies.There is no definitive answer, though I would argue that it comes down to choice and demand. Many have learning disabilities and are supported by family, friends and caregivers, as viewers will know.Therefore to suggest they are being taken advantage of by producers, which some critics have, I feel implies that these people are not able to form rational decisions and make up their own minds. Secondly, the show is now in its sixth year which proves there is continuing demand from both the viewing public and applicants eager to find love, friendship and companionship.Then there’s Carolyne from the first series whose childhood sweetheart left her when she became paralysed following a spinal cord lesion. I feel , “It provides a lot of education on a wide range of things, not just conditions…The fact that people will tune in knowing they will learn a bit more, maybe take away the stigma, is a very positive thing.

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