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Details can be found here: Google Acknowledges Droid Dream: Remotely Wiping Apps, Removing Exploit, Making Changes To Prevent It From Happening Again Update: For more details on Droid Dream, check out out the follow-up post.It includes more information about the virus and how it works, who's to blame, and provides a link to a flashable . Openness - the very characteristic of Android that makes us love it - is a double-edged sword.Y-Cam will now offer one year of free seven-day rolling cloud storage for its new cameras, while existing cameras will lose their ability to record unless a £2.99 a month or £9.99 a month subscription is paid.The cameras cannot store video locally, meaning Y-Cam's own service is the only option for storage.So this leaves us with Whats App and Signal — the only two applications to use the Signal Protocol by default for all messages sent*.You may be asking — why not stick with Whats App then?

The Signal Protocol is used by Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Google Allo and Signal’s own messaging app. End-to-end encryption ensures that your message is turned into a secret message by its original sender, then only decoded by its final recipient.It is the server processing resource required to compile videos that is expensive, so a reduction to, say, 48 hours would not [have] solve[d] the issue." Y-Cam has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud storage infrastructure since 2011, a move which allowed it to increase its previous offer of lifetime rolling three-day storage to the recently retracted seven-day storage.The Register has contacted Y-Cam for further comment on the costs of its compute and storage, and also the ASA and Trading Standards.When Quijada-Lara penetrated the couple's inner sanctum, Pierce was notified by his phone app that noises had been detected within the property, and upon logging into the camera he discovered the pair on his bed.The incriminating video evidence showed six minutes of action, in which Quijada-Lara and his partner undressed and got down and dirty.

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Some also claim they have made complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards about previous marketing material promoting the lifetime storage.

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