Black athletes dating white woman Cam4 adult lk

Also sometimes these athletes they call black men are actually biracial men(with Black fathers) at times.

Now I am not saying some Black athletes are not with white women because there are some that are with white women but it is not the majority that are with them, especially in America from what I have heard.anonymous6: I am not against what you are saying however I am surprised you as a Black man is complaining about this.

the NFL ratio's of Black men married outside their race; because statistically it has been said 90% of black NBA players are with Black women: not really.

in general, nice contracts are granted to athletes based on potential, raw talent, age, work ethic, physical/mental makeup, character and injury history. Suya Eater: You won't see white men marrying black women, [size=14pt]these fools will be dashing white people[/size] the money they worked hard to get from american football to basketball to footballer in the europe leagues Meh, there are also many black women that wouldn't have dated them in ordinary life.

We see it on television and in the movies, and this seems to increase ten-fold with each and every passing year. We try to ignore it, or pretend that it's not really what it seems to be. We can easily see how white women so eagerly submit to a black man, regardless of how they're spoken to and how they're treated.

We can see so many of the prettiest white girls with 2 or 3 black babies, or more.

Like most professional and moderately successful straight white men in their late 30's and beyond, having a beautiful younger wife has always been somewhat of a status symbol.

White women will eventually come to realize how superior black men have become in our society, and how weak and inferior us white men have become to them. My true story is merely a capsulized version of this so-called phenomenon.

My name is Richard, and I am now a 46-year-old white male professional in the high-end corporate sector of computer programming. frame and moderately athletic frame, I am not much of an athlete. But, I suppose that I am considered to be quite intelligent with more degrees than most.

Many would refer to us as "geeks" with shy, introverted and more timid personalities. My looks are average and I have a career that produces more than a comfortable salary.

This has been a result of a strict upbringing, education and a successful military career.

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That Hoops chick from flavor of love is dating Shaq presently.

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